Ronzoni & Partner not only has a catalytic function between demand and supply, but can also offer its clients a professional help in all the stages of the risk management, an area where strong technicality and subsequent competence and specialization are extremely necessary.

In particular we assist and help the client in the fundamental processes of:

  • technical evaluation of insurance portfolio
  • acquisition of the specific elements of the enterprise, analysis of problems and risks through inspections of the premises
  • identification of requirements, elaboration and discussion about risk-management strategies with the client
  • evaluation of best solutions to risk-management through insurance and/or “loss prevention” solutions
  • identification of insurance partners and negotiations of the most qualified technical and economic solutions
  • definition of normative and contractual details with reference to the client’s specific requirements
  • description of insurance programme and placement of coverages
  • global assistance to all ordinary and extraordinary needs connected to the insurance programme
  • complete claims management, even with the help of technical and legal consultants
  • support and analysis of problems connected with new requirements and changes in business risks, market evolution, laws and regulations.